Your Name in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

An unusual one-of-a-kind gift

This is the sort of thing you're not likely to find most anywhere else.

Have your name or that of a loved one inscribed on a rubber stamp in the form of an ancient Egyptian cartouche.

The typical pattern is first name, description, last name, where "description" can be something like lawyer, teacher, mother, or whatever you'd like.

The Egyptians wrote foreign names phonetically. We know this because there were periods of time in Egyptian history when foreigners ruled and their names had to be inscribed on monuments or stelae. The best example were the Greeks such as Alexander, Ptolemy, Cleopatra and Philip.

We will write your name in this phonetic manner. Your honorific or title or other description we will write with the corresponding actual Egyptian word.

The cartouche is lovingly hand drawn by an officer of CSP, Inc. The rubber stamp is about 3.25 inches long, just the right size so that it may be used as a portion of a return address on a personal envelope.

Your cost is $65.00 US.

What you get for your money is the stamp, itself, and a bit of explanation of the characters and words.

Postage is paid within the US.
If you prefer Fed Ex or UPS or require shipping outside the US, include the appropriate additional cost.
Allow 6-7 weeks for delivery.

Just send a check to P H Rubin, CSP, Inc., 5901 Chabot Road, Oakland, California 94618.

Direct your questions to or call (510) 547-8085.