My client wants the fees on his bill sorted not by date but by the phase of the matter. How can I get Legalmaster to do this?

  1. You may identify the phases of the matter with Legalmaster's grouping codes. First go to Tables/Groups/Fees and create a grouping code for each of your phases. There are three things to remember while you're doing this.
    1. The codes you use will ultimately determine the order in which the phases appear on your bill. They will print alphabetically. You may use numbers or letters for these codes; numbers precede letters in the alphabet.
    2. The description you assign to each group appears immediately above the itemized fees on your statement. So make the text clear to your client.
    3. Assign each grouping code a statement grouping function of none. This allows your fees to be itemized on your bills; any other setting tells Legalmaster to consolidate them into a single entry.
  2. Assign every fee transaction for the cases you wish billed by phase the grouping code that corresponds to the phase.
  3. Create a Table of Statement Characteristics for this matter. On the Transaction Detail tab, sort fees by group.

Click here to see a sample bill of this type.