What must I do at year-end?

Actually, nothing.

Inasmuch as all Legalmaster reports are date sensitive, you may run reports with a 12/31 cut-off date anytime after all of the year's data have been entered. You may wait for months if you haven't time to get around to it now. The only proviso is that you do not delete a case who had activity during the period in which you are interested; you may close the case, just don't delete it.

You can, for example, ask for a report showing your accounts receivable as of the end of the year (or any other date for that matter) any time you want. The Aged A/R Report, the Ledger Card Reports and the A/R Balancing Report all allow you to supply any ending date you want and Legalmaster prints a report which appears as if you had never entered any subsequent activity.

All of the MIRC reports let you bracket activity between any two dates, as well. So, if you want to know, for example, how much you collected during the year, you can get it by matter (MIRC for Cases) or in detail showing every single payment (MIRC for Transactions). Scores of subtotal options are available if all that you require are summaries.