Our firm is dividing into two smaller firms. Can you split our data for us?

All you have to do is to tell us how we can determine to which firm a matter belongs. We then write two custom programs, one for each of your two new firms.

Once each firm has its own copy of Legalmaster, you'll just copy all of the data from the original firm onto both computer systems. Each firm then runs our custom software which merely deletes the data belonging to the other firm. You end up with a complete Legalmaster database with just your data; your clients, your matters, your complete detaile History, your unbilled entries, your accounts receivable. The split programs typically take a few minutes to run.

There are two potential fees involved here.

  1. Since the original firm had a license to one copy of Legalmaster, one of the new entities must license another. It will be less expensive if the smaller firm licenses the new copy. You'll also get a discount on this second copy.
  2. The cost to develop the custom software that splits your data depends on how straightforward you make it for us. The most common method is based upon Responsible Attorney #1; that is, for example, if a matter is assigned an RA1 of ABC, DEF or GHI it belongs to Firm #1; if a matter is assigned an RA1 of XYZ or UVW, it belongs to Firm #2.

    Of course, we've had much more complicated requests. Some firms have based their split on Client Coordinating Attorney, Date Case Opened, Case Type, Billing Cycle Code, or a combination of any of these as well as anything else that Legalmaster stores. Before you run the split, you should check your data to make sure that every matter is assigned properly. The fee for this custom work is generally a few hundred dollars.