My MIRC for Transactions reports omit all of our Dummy cases. Why is that? And what can I do to include them?

We made the assumption that you are running a MIRC for Transactions report in order to get production figures. Remember now how split cases work. The Dummy is merely a repository for the fees and costs to be split among the Receptors. If we showed the hours worked for the Dummy as well as for its Receptors, your production figures would appear to be doubled. As a consequence, we don't want to include both Dummies and Receptors on he same report. Since the Receptors are the cases you actually bill, it is the Receptors that we have chosen to include on the MIRC reports.

Some clients have told us that it would be useful if they could get a report showing the hours submitted for their Dummies, since such a report would be more concise than one listing all of the entries for each Dummy's Receptors. So we created a way to do it.

Create a MIRC for Transactions report with two particular characteristics.

  1. Do not include billable hours or billable amount on the report. Remember, Dummies don't get billed, so their billable amounts are zero. If you include billable values on the report Legalmaster assumes that you don't want to see Dummies.

  2. Include as one of your range fields the Hold, No-bill, Dummy, Receptor field and range by excluding from R to R (i.e., omit transactions assigned to receptor cases).

    By excluding Receptor transactions and excluding billable fields, you get your Dummy values. Just ask for actual hours and/or actual amount.