Legalmaster for Windows - Technical Notes

Legalmaster for 32-bit Windows was released in October of 2000. While the DOS versions bore designations from Legalmaster'84 through Legalmaster'97 indicating the year of release, the first Windows version uses a different calendar. It's first version was known as Legalmaster'61 for the year 5761.

Legalmaster for Windows requires at least Btrieve version 6.15 for Windows. All versions of Legalmaster now ship with the work-station version of Btrieve 6.15. You may, of course, license a more robust version of Btrieve/Pervasive. We suggest that you consider the most current version of Pervasive.SQL. If you run Legalmaster on a network, any of the Pervasive products call for either the client/server or the work-group version.

The Two Environments

The Legalmaster application may seen as being divided into two connected parts. All of the interactive portions, essentially the screens, are written in a language called Delphi, a Windows development tool developed by a company called Borland. Much of the portion of the system that actually produces reports was written in a language called SuperBasic, a 32-bit data maintenance tool, developed by a company called SuperB Software.

The Delphi code gets its run-time settings from values stored in the Registry of the local station. These settings are created at the time of installation of the Legalmaster software and may be modified later either through manipulation of screens under Options/Settings at Legalmaster's Main Menu or directly with Regedit. We urge you not to use Regedit unless you know what you're doing and what you're risking and you can find no easy alternative. Most settings are at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/CSP/Legalmaster/Host. Your data folder locations are under Legalmaster/Host/H_DATA.

The SuperB code gets its run-time settings from two INI files called SUPERB.INI and LMCSP.INI stored on your local drive. The precise location varies depending upon the version of Windows you're using. It may be manipulated from Options/Settings or with any editor, such as NotePad or WordPad.

Variable name

Use and Comments


This is a series of two character codes. They may consist of letters or digits. Each pair of characters is separated by a colon. For example, WSID=10:20:30:40. They're used as parts of the names of temporary files used during sorts and report production. You need more than one so that you may run more than one report simultaneously. You must have precisely four of them, no more and no fewer.


This must be precisely two characters in length. It may be one of the WSID's listed immediately above, but that's not required. Nevertheless, most users set it to the first of the WSID's in the list above, as does Legalmaster's Options/Settings utility.

Launching Pervasive (Btrieve)

Pervasive/Btrieve is launched by our calling a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) called WBTRV32.DLL. Should you have more than one copy of this DLL, the system searches through the following directories in the following order.

  1. Legalmaster's program folder.

  2. your current directory
  5. the directories listed in the PATH environment variable (set in AUTOEXEC.BAT in Windows 95/98 and in your Registry in Windows NT/2000)

If you have multiple copies of this DLL, you may wish to rename all but the most recent. By leaving the one remaining copy in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, you ensure that all applications that need it can find it.


Legalmaster lets you use either Windows or DOS printer drivers. We recommend that you use your Windows drivers.

If you prefer to use DOS drivers, Legalmaster's DOS printer drivers are stored in a series of files called CONFIG*.ENV located in your program folder. CONFIG0.ENV stores a list of all available printers along with the character strings that control the appearance of reports. This file may contain the settings for hundreds of printers. CONFIGxx.ENV (where xx represents your Work-Station-ID, or WSID) stores information specific to each station. This latter file contains the list of printers that may be used per station, and is limited to 30 printers.

The utility program that lets you access the CONFIG files may be had from Legalmaster's main menu by selecting File Utilities/LCONFIG. Select 1 [enter][enter] from the resulting (character based) program to address issues of report appearance. Select 4 [enter] to address issues of printer location.