Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a marketing page. These discussions are primarily written to existing Legalmaster users who want hands-on how-to answers. We've tried to break up the questions into a few categories; difficulty in doing so led us to placing some questions under more than one category.

  1. Formatting bills and statements

    1. My client wants to see his fee charges sorted by matter phase rather than by date.

    2. One of our attorneys wants his time entries on a particular day for a matter to print in a specific order, not in the order in which they were entered. How do I satisfy him?

    3. Show me how I can reflect discounts on my bills.

    4. I have a client demanding electronic billing. Can Legalmaster help me?

    5. I like to consolidate certain costs on our bills (e.g., photocopies, fax charges) to show multiple entries as a single line item. I thought I did it right, but I'm getting each line twice. The total at the bottom of the bill is correct. It just looks funny. What did I do wrong?

  2. Management reports

    1. How may I measure attorney productivity?

    2. I have a flat fee case and I want to determine profitability for each person who works on it.

    3. What's the best way to keep track of contingency matters? I'd like to know what we're really making per hour on them.

    4. Our partnership agreement is about to change. How can Legalmaster help me allocate future payments?

    5. What is a good way to keep track of non-billable activity, such as firm administrative and pro-bono time?

    6. How can I best take advantage of the Date of Last Fee, Last Payment, Last Posting, etc?

    7. Can I do OR searches in MIRC for Cases?

    8. We handle bankruptcy cases. How can I get Legalmaster to produce bankruptcy fee applications?

    9. Since Legalmaster produces so many different reports that show accounts receivable, which one should I use?

    10. How do I determine what my unbilled amounts (WIP) were at some date in the past?

    11. What is task billing?

    12. How do I get fees and costs for Dummy cases to appear on my MIRC for Transactions reports?

    13. How do I produce a report that resembles the old Employees' Time Analysis?

  3. Accounting and transaction entry questions

    1. Tell me all about Legalmaster's date controls.

    2. We received an overpayment. What are our options?

    3. How do we refund unused retainer monies?

    4. I'm trying to close a case with a zero balance, but Legalmaster tells me I have outstanding A/R invoices. Why?

    5. What's the best way to handle contingency cases?

    6. Tell me about my Task Billing options.

    7. What must I do at year end?

  4. Technical questions

    1. I am installing a new workstation on my network. What must I remember to do?

    2. How do I install Legalmaster for Windows?

    3. We're about to buy a new computer. What are Legalmaster's requirements?

  5. Interfacing with other software

    1. How can I send Legalmaster data to Excel and make graphs from them?

    2. Can I copy Legalmaster data to my word processor or e-mail?

    3. Can Legalmaster create electronic bills?

  6. Marketing and upgrade questions

    1. So, what can you tell me about Legalmaster's 32 bit GUI version? [This will take a while to download.]

    2. Tell me about all of the ways that I may enter time into Legalmaster. Be sure to make mention of Legalmaster's Remote Data Entry Module that allows the attorneys to enter their own time.

    3. Our firm is splitting into two smaller firms. We both want to keep using Legalmaster. Can you split our data for us?